Nadir Figueiredo’s main raw material helps nature because glass can be recycled endlessly without losing quality or purity.


It fits all your needs. The products can go in freezers, dishwashers, microwaves and depending on the item, even in conventional ovens.


The shine and transparency seen in the products make consumers’ tables glow with elegance and sophistication.


Smooth surfaces make cleaning easy, and do not retain odors nor stains. This helps preserve the appearance, quality and taste of food longer.


The unique design and the variety of sizes make a big difference when it comes to choosing what to buy.


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NADIR-MARINE-Чаша за вино 340ml Ø8.7xh17cm (0043)

NADIR-MARINE-Чаша за сладолед 300ml Ø10.2xh10.9cm (0443)

NADIR-MARINE-Stem glass 340ml Ø8.7xh17cm (0043)

NADIR-MARINE-Stem glass 300ml Ø10.2xh10.9cm (0443)

12279 12280 12285 12289

NADIR-BRISTOL-Чаша за коктейли 470ml Ø9.2xh17.5cm (0911)

NADIR-BRISTOL-Чаша за коктейли 340ml Ø8.9xh17cm (0011)

NADIR-TROPICAL-Чаша коктейл 360ml Ø8.2xh19.3cm (0712)

NADIR-TROPICAL-Чаша за сладолед 300ml Ø10.2xh10.9cm (0412)

NADIR-BRISTOL-Cocktail glass 470ml Ø9.2xh17.5cm (0911)

NADIR-BRISTOL-Cocktail glass 340ml Ø8.9xh17cm (0011)

NADIR-TROPICAL-Shake glass 360ml Ø8.2xh19.3cm (0712)

NADIR-TROPICAL-Ice cream glass 300ml Ø10.2xh10.9cm (0412)

12298 12267 12266 12262

NADIR-PRESTIGE-Чаша червено вино 500ml Ø10xh23.5cm (7073)

NADIR-PRESTIGE-Чаша на столче 600ml Ø11xh23cm (7973)

NADIR-PRESTIGE-Чаша бяло вино 350ml Ø8.5xh23 cm (7873)

NADIR-ALAMBIC-Чаша за концентрат GRAPA 90ml Ø6.2xh17cm (7348)

NADIR-PRESTIGE-Stem glass 500ml Ø10xh23.5cm (7073)

NADIR-BRUNELLO-Beer tumbler 400ml Ø8.7xh18.6cm (7731)

NADIR-PRESTIGE-Stem glass 350ml Ø8.5xh23 cm (7873)

NADIR-ALAMBIC-Glass tumbler for liqueur GRAPA 90ml Ø6.2xh17cm (7348)

12269 12272 12270 12268

NADIR-BRUNELLO-Чаша червено вино 490ml Ø9.5h22.8cm (7031)

NADIR-BRUNELLO-Чаша за бира 400ml Ø8.7xh18.6cm (7731)

NADIR-BRUNELLO-Чаша бяло вино 390ml Ø8.7h21.5cm (7131)

NADIR-BRUNELLO-Чаша шампанско 225ml Ø6.6xh23.5cm (7831)

NADIR-BRUNELLO-Stem glass 490ml Ø9.5h22.8cm (7031)

NADIR-BRUNELLO-Beer tumbler 400ml Ø8.7xh18.6cm (7731)

NADIR-BRUNELLO-Stem glass  390ml Ø8.7h21.5cm (7131)

NADIR-BRUNELLO-Stem glass 225ml Ø6.6xh23.5cm (7831)

12273 12274 12271  

NADIR-CELEBRA-Чаша червено вино 400ml Ø9.2xh20cm (7063)

NADIR-CELEBRA-Чаша бяло вино 300ml Ø8.4xh8cm (7163)

NADIR-CELEBRA-Чаша аператив 190ml Ø6.6xh21cm (7863)


NADIR-CELEBRA-Glass tumbler for water 400ml Ø9.2xh20cm (7063)

NADIR-CELEBRA-Stem glass 300ml Ø8.4xh8cm (7163)

NADIR-CELEBRA-Stem glass 190ml Ø6.6xh21cm (7863)

12281 12282 12283  

NADIR-ILHABELA-Чаша висока 420ml Ø8.7xh14.5cm (7623)

NADIR-ILHABELA-Чаша ниска 350ml Ø9.7xh9.9cm (7923)

NADIR-ILHABELA-Чаша за коктейли 180ml Ø9xh8.6cm (7323)


NADIR-ILHABELA-Glass 420ml Ø8.7xh14.5cm (7623)

NADIR-ILHABELA-Glass 350ml Ø9.7xh9.9cm (7923)

NADIR-ILHABELA-Cocktail glass 180ml Ø9xh8.6cm (7323)

12263 12264 12265 12297

NADIR-JOINVILLE-Чаша за бира 680ml Ø8.9xh22cm (7941)

NADIR-JOINVILLE-Чаша за бира 300ml Ø7xh16.5cm (7741)

NADIR-STOUT-Чаша за бира 473ml Ø8.7xh14cm (7051)

NADIR-FREVO-Чаша за бира 315ml Ø7.5xh12.9cm (7020)

NADIR-JOINVILLE-Beer tumbler 680ml Ø8.9xh22cm (7941)

NADIR-JOINVILLE-Beer tumbler 300ml Ø7xh16.5cm (7741)

NADIR-STOUT-Beer tumbler 473ml Ø8.7xh14cm (7051)

NADIR-FREVO-Beer tumbler 315ml Ø7.5xh12.9cm (7020)

12275 12276 12289 12284

NADIR-PAULISTA-Чаша за сладолед 400ml Ø10.3xh10.2cm (7204)

NADIR-PAULISTA-Чаша за сладолед 220ml Ø9.4xh7cm (7202)

NADIR-POLI-Купичка 170ml Ø8.8xh5.8cm (4401)

NADIR-NEVADA-Чаша за ирландско кафе 240ml Ø10.3x7.6xh15.2cm (0200)

NADIR-PAULISTA-Ice cream glass 400ml Ø10.3xh10.2cm (7204)

NADIR-PAULISTA-Stem glass 220ml Ø9.4xh7cm (7202)

NADIR-POLI-Small bowl 170ml Ø8.8xh5.8cm (4401)

NADIR-NEVADA-Irish coffee glass 240ml Ø10.3x7.6xh15.2cm (0200)


NADIR-JARRA AMERICANO-Кана 750ml 15x10.8xh18.2cm (5410)


NADIR-JARRA AMERICANO-Jug 750ml 15x10.8xh18.2cm (5410)