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GAIA - Bonna Premium Porcelain

Envisio is the Bonna’s newest family of products inspired by the latest technological trends and blending traditional design style. In addition to the privileges already provided by Bonna, Envisio is preparing to create a new identity and authenticity in the tables. Whether your presentations are completely your imagination, with the personalizable design privilege provided by Envisio. With Envisio Collections, we are proud of bringing a new dimension to the Horeca sector.



01916 01918 01917

BONNA-GAIA-Правоъгълно плато 34.5x21cm (GAI38DT)

BONNA-GAIA-Правоъгълно плато 28x18,5cm (GAI31DT)

BONNA-GAIA-Правоъгълно плато 30x12cm (GAI30DT)

BONNA-GAIA-Rectangular platter 34.5x21cm (GAI38DT)

BONNA-GAIA-Rectangular plate 28x18,5cm (GAI31DT)

BONNA-GAIA-Rectangular plate 30x12cm (GAI30DT)

01911 01912

BONNA-GAIA-Чиния 23cm (GAI23DZ)

BONNA-GAIA-Дълбока чиния 21cm (GAI21CK)

BONNA-GAIA-Flat Plate 23cm (GAI23DZ)

BONNA-GAIA-Deep plate  21cm (GAI21CK)

01913 01914

BONNA-GAIA-Купа 19cm (GAI19KS)

BONNA-GAIA-Купа 11cm (GAI11KS)


BONNA-GAIA-Bowl 11cm (GAI11KS)

01910 01915 01919

BONNA-GAIA-Бутилка за сос 8cm (GAI8SO)

BONNA-GAIA-Купичка за сос 7cm 35cc (GAI7KS)

BONNA-GAIA-Поставка за клечки за хранене 4x3,5cm (GAI4CS)

BONNA-GAIA-Sauce Bottle 8cm (GAI8SO)

BONNA-GAIA-Sauce bowl 7cm 35cc (GAI7KS)

BONNA-GAIA-Chopstick holder 4x3,5cm (GAI4CS)