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SAGE – Bonna Premium Porcelain

Thanks to Bonna’s specially created reactive glaze range, every application on the porcelain body brings out authentic colors and textures when met with the fire. Making sure each piece speaks for itself and has a magical touch, this artizan approach embraces genuine and diverse presentations just the way they deserve…


SAGE – Bonna Premium Porcelain

011045 011046

BONNA-SAGE-Чиния 28cm (SAG HYG 28DZ)

BONNA-SAGE-Чиния 22cm (SAG HYG 22DZ)

BONNA-SAGE-Flat Plate 28cm (SAG HYG 28DZ)

BONNA-SAGE-Flat Plate 22cm (SAG HYG 22DZ)

011048 011047 011049

BONNA-SAGE-Овална плато 34cm (SAG HYG 34OV)

BONNA-SAGE-Чиния дълбока 28cm  (SAG HYG 28CK)

BONNA-SAGE-Купичка 10cm 120cc (SAG HYG 10KS)

BONNA-SAGE-Oval Plater 34cm (SAG HYG 34OV)

BONNA-SAGE-Deep Plate 28cm (SAG HYG 28CK)

BONNA-SAGE-Ramekin 10cm 120cc (SAG HYG 10KS)