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HUGGE - Bonna Premium Porcelain

We have blended pure dining experience with sustainable design understanding and high technology. Here is the new HYGGE series.

We targeted functionality in our designs, where we adopt the universal design approach. We wanted to avoid the unnecessary details in the design of the product and use it only as much as we need. We combined the fluent and simple lines in the nature for the best presentation experience. We focused on the integrity of the forms that could appeal to different food presentations that complement each other. The design is universal. At this point, Hygge aims to offer chefs the opportunity to reveal their unlimited creativity.



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BONNA-HYGGE-Чиния 28cm (HYG28DZ)

BONNA-HYGGE-Чиния 22cm (HYG 22DZ)

BONNA-HYGGE-Чиния 16cm (HYG16DZ)

BONNA-HYGGE-Flat Plate 28cm (HYG28DZ)

BONNA-HYGGE-Flat Plate 22cm (HYG 22DZ)

BONNA-HYGGE-Flat Plate 16cm (HYG16DZ)

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BONNA-HYGGE-Купа 14cm 450cc (HYG 14KS)

BONNA-HYGGE-Купичка 10cm 120cc (HYG 10KS)

BONNA-HYGGE-Bowl 14cm 450cc (HYG 14KS)

BONNA-HYGGE-Bowl 10cm 120cc (HYG 10KS)

01855 01856 01924

BONNA-HYGGE-Чиния паста 28cm 1,6lt (HYG28CK)

BONNA-HYGGE-Плато овал 30cm (HYG 30OV)

BONNA-HYGGE-Плато овал 21xh2cm (HYG 21OV)

BONNA-HYGGE-Pasta plate 28cm 1,6lt (HYG28CK)

BONNA-HYGGE-Oval plate 30cm (HYG 30OV)

BONNA-HYGGE-Oval platter 21xh2cm (HYG 21OV)