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Designed to add your personal touch to your magnificent main course and dessert presentations, Luz takes its textured mosaic pattern from digital printing technology that brings a new breath to design.

It’s time to reflect the magical and unique tones of nature on your table! Inspired by the soil, the main source of life that surrounds the top of the earth’s crust, the Luz series will bring the most elegant form of simplicity to your presentations with its abstract colours. The harmony created by Luz, which comes together with the glorious colours of the soil, the life energy of
mother nature, will accompany the most beautiful moments of the tables.

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BONNA-LUZ-Чиния 30cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 30DZ)

BONNA-LUZ-Чиния 27cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 27DZ)

BONNA-LUZ-Чиния 23cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 23DZ)

BONNA-LUZ-Plate 30cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 30DZ)

BONNA-LUZ-Flat Plate 27cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 27DZ)

BONNA-LUZ-Plate 23cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 23DZ)

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BONNA-LUZ-Чиния 21cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 21DZ)

BONNA-LUZ-Чиния 17cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 17DZ)

BONNA-LUZ-Чиния 23cm 1000ml (S-MT-LUZ BLM 23CK)

BONNA-LUZ-Plate 21cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 21DZ)

BONNA-LUZ-Flat Plate 17cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 17DZ)

BONNA-LUZ-Deep Plate 23cm 1000ml (S-MT-LUZ BLM 23CK)

011349 011343 011347

BONNA-LUZ-Чиния GOURMET дълбока 27cm 400ml (S-MT-LUZ GRM 27CK)(ß)

BONNA-LUZ-Чиния дълбока 24cm 400ml (S-MT-LUZ GRM 24CK)(ß)

BONNA-LUZ-Чиния дълбока 16cm 160ml (S-MT-LUZ GRM 16CK)

BONNA-LUZ-Deep Plate 27cm 400ml (S-MT-LUZ GRM 27CK)

BONNA-LUZ-Deep Plate 24cm 400ml (S-MT-LUZ GRM 24CK)(ß)

BONNA-LUZ-Deep Plate 16cm 160ml (S-MT-LUZ GRM 16CK)

011357 011358 011346

BONNA-LUZ-Чиния за пица 32cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 32PZ)

BONNA-LUZ-Чиния за паста 28cm 400ml (S-MT-LUZ BNC 28CK)

BONNA-LUZ-Купа 16cm 400ml (S-MT-LUZ GRM 16KS)

BONNA-LUZ-Pizza Plate 32cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 32PZ)

BONNA-LUZ-Pasta Plate 28cm 400ml (S-MT-LUZ BNC 28CK)

BONNA-LUZ-Bowl 16cm 400ml (S-MT-LUZ GRM 16KS)


BONNA-LUZ-Чиния подложна 19cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 19KKT)

BONNA-LUZ-Consomme Plate 19cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 19KKT)

011355 011356 011350

BONNA-LUZ-Купичка 15cm 330ml (S-MT-LUZ GRM 15CK)

BONNA-LUZ-Купичка 13cm 220ml (S-MT-LUZ GRM 13CK)

BONNA-LUZ-Купичка 9cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 9CK)

BONNA-LUZ-Bowl 15cm 330ml (S-MT-LUZ GRM 15CK)

BONNA-LUZ-Bowl 13cm 220ml (S-MT-LUZ GRM 13CK)


011351 011353 011352

BONNA-LUZ-Чиния овал 24x14cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 24OKY)

BONNA-LUZ-Чиния овал 19x11xh1.5cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 19OKY)

BONNA-LUZ-Чиния овал 15x8.5cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 15OKY)

BONNA-LUZ-Oval Platter 24x14cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 24OKY)

BONNA-LUZ-Oval Platter 19x11cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 19OKY)

BONNA-LUZ-Oval Plate 15x8.5cm (S-MT-LUZ GRM 15OKY)